InfoRad®-Intelligent Notification

The InfoRad®  Wireless Messaging Software Suite includes single computer, network client / server messaging software, enterprise wireless messaging integration, robust wireless monitoring, control, and alarm solutions. The suite of software applications work with all Cellular carriers, SMS networks, wireless paging carriers, and on-site / campus systems. InfoRad AlphaCast® on-site / campus systems provide local coverage and complement wide area. First Responders, and Healthcare organizations rely on InfoRad to send critical messages.

InfoRad ProMessager – is a robust platform for SMS through the InfoRad Wireless Gateway.

Watch-IT  Wireless Monitoring software-   monitor a Serial, ASCII , TAP, SNPP  or email data source to send conditional messages.

Many of our users use InfoRad as a ruggedized purpose built platform for industrial strength text messaging, and is a great complement to all VoiceShield users.

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