TeleRestore™ is a service that rapidly and intelligently restores incoming phone service due to any outage.Complete control of all incoming phone calls can be accomplished in minutes

A free web presentation and customized Emergency Communications plan is available. Please call 800-228-8998 to arrange a personal demonstation

  • When a failure to communicate can be eliminated for FREE

    Telerestore is eligible for many emergency communications grants. You can click here or simply call us 800-228-8998 x40 for a customized analysis and guidance on which grant would be appropriate for your organization.

  • 13 Common mistakes in Communication Continuity
    Join a 30 minute educational webinar on the 13 most common mistakes in communications protection and recovery made by organizations all over the country. Register Here

    Here are just a few of the most common mistakes that can make the difference between being lucky to survive and thriving from a communications outage;

    - Mistake #2: “Scream & Wait” (doing nothing ahead of time)
    - Mistake #4: Confusing disasters with outages (99.9% are not disasters)
    - Mistake #7: Inadequate control (surprise! outages are unpredictable)
    - Mistake #10: Neglecting fax recovery (unfortunately, faxes are still important)
    - Mistake #13: Spending WAY too much (do things “on a shoestring”)

    To learn more please join us for this educational webinar by emailing us at and give us your preferred times.

    30 minute webinars can be scheduled to fit your schedule

    In this fast paced webinar, you will see the 13 common mistakes. We will discuss how those can impact your organization. In almost every industry, communications outages have become more critical, and this event will help you in your business continuity planning.

  • Telerestore announces PRI in the SKY

    PRI in the Sky is a new service that in combination with the Web Call Control can significantly increase Voice continuity in any organization…Read more